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    01 02 03

    Fabric supplier

    Shaoxing Keqiao Pinnuo Texttile CO.,LTD

    ZheJiang Guanmu Texttile Technology CO.,LTD

    Awarded as "China popular fabric shortlisted enterprise" for many consecutive years


    Comfortable and visual experience, add a color to life

    Elegant tabby and unique jacquard, presenting unexpected color matching, complex fabric structure and striped yarn rotating design, the existing fabric is completely covered and transformed to create a refreshing new space.

    single Jersey interlock crepe ponte roma scuba ottoman other double knitted Frech terry / Fleece Normal rib


    The fusion of luxury and function explores all possibilities

    Feeling real and natural patterns to achieve sensory experience, using layering or blending with other fabric collections to subtly adapt to the environment, creating basic design elements that bring a sense of warmth and luxury.

    hacci jacquard
    fassion rib After-finish Fabric


    Creating sustainable sports functional fabrics

    Sports fabrics in addition to comply with the principles of environmental protection and health care, with the improvement of living standards, its development gradually towards the direction of fashion and comfort.

    Functional performance fabric
    Sport fabric

    Service Hotline


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